As I was starting Tookee, a year and a half ago, common questions among my friends were why organic? and why hemp? After having designed several eco-collections of accessories for babies and putting Tookee on the map of the baby green market, I have learned a lot about this growing market. I now firmly believe that the next generation of mothers will not ask why? anymore but rather where?

Our generation found out about the negative effects our way of life has on our world, and the next generation will work hard to fix that and make our planet a better place. Being in my late thirties I had never heard of the internet or emails before going to college. However, my kids will have a hard time apprehending a world without it. That is how I see the future of organic products, in time it will be hard to purchase anything but organic and sustainable.

I hope you like our new site. My goal is to bring you, in addition to our products, more useful information that will help you make the right green choices in your everyday life. Please feel free to comment and share some of your knowledge and experience with green products.